Parents of Children and Teens with Diabetes

For over 43 years Setebaid® summer camps have educated and entertained children and teens living with diabetes and their families. 

The camps operate philosophically as summer camps for campers who just happen to have diabetes

Campers have a blast because their days are packed with exciting opportunities and adventures. Games, sports, arts, and music are just some the activities campers enjoy.

Thriving in a Safe Environment

Setebaid summer camps offer the opportunity for campers thrive in a safe environment with a team of expert health providers.

The healthcare providers at our camps are the experts other physicians turn to for professional help when needed. 

Our healthcare team knows how to effectively teach campers to manage their own diabetes as they have for the camps’ alumni. 

Changed Lives

Alumni report how the camps changed their lives…

Alumni:  “Once I entered the camp, I always felt like I could do more…learn from my mistakes, raise the bar on my behavior, and be more independent.  I would not be half the person I am today without the leadership exemplified and coached by the amazing people I met at Setebaid’s camps.”

As parents, we all want the best for our children. Give them the ability to grow at a Setebaid summer camp!