A Typical Day at Summer Camp

While each summer camp has a specific schedule, this typical day schedule is very close to what camper should expect to see. 

We adjust the schedule based upon the camp, special events, and age of the campers. 

Our youngest campers will go to bed the earliest and teens will have additional night activities. 

Our teen campers will have longer to sleep in the morning, which research shows fits their biological clocks better. 

The typical schedule is based upon our 8-12 years-old camper schedule.

7 AM               Wake Up, Bathroom time, Blood Glucose Monitoring (BGM) and Time to meet with the Medical and Dietary Team

8 AM               Breakfast

9:15 AM         Cabin Clean Up, also known as “Yuckie Duties”

9:45 AM         First Activity Period (Arts & Crafts, Archery, Boating, etc.)

10:45 AM       Second Activity Period (Arts & Crafts, Archery, Boating, etc.)

11:45 AM       BGM at the last activity area or cabins

12 Noon         Lunch in Dining Hall

12:45 PM       Third Activity period

1:30 PM         Fourth Activity period

2:15 PM         Rest Time

3:15 PM         Snack

3:30 PM         Pool for Free Swimming

4:45 PM         Quiet Time, Pump Changing Time, Shower Time, etc.

5:15 PM         BGM, Meet with Medical and Dietary Team

5:45 PM         Dinner in Dining Hall

6:30 PM         Cabin Preparation Time for Evening Activity

7:30 PM         Evening Activity

9:00 PM         BGM, Meet with Medical and Dietary Team

9:15 PM         Snack, Brush Teeth, Cabin Time

9:45 PM         Lights Out