Financial Assistance-Setebaid Campership Fund

Setebaid Services thanks the many individuals, companies, agencies, civic clubs, and other donors who assist children living with diabetes in our community.  If you are able to help the Setebaid Campership Fund, please click here to make your gift.

Camperships are awarded on a first-come-first-served-basis.  “First-come” time begins when the complete application is received.  We encourage those in-need to apply early!

There are two programs connected to the Setebaid Campership Fund.

SLIDING-SCALE FEE PROGRAM:  The Sliding-Scale Fee Program is for families who need help with some of their camp fee. This program awards a credit to the camper’s invoice.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM:  The Financial Assistance Program is for families living at or below 150 percent of poverty. This program covers the camper’s fees and requires a small financial assistance application processing fee.  As part of this application, the family is asked to make a commitment to join the Setebaid community and help with camp in some way.

Please contact the camp office to learn more about the campership fund.

If I Do Not Qualify for a Campership, How Do I Find Help to Pay for Camp?

How can I get my child to an experience that will be priceless?

We at Setebaid Services, Inc. (a not-for-profit organization), rely on outside sources of income to provide our services.  We seek donations from businesses, foundations, families, and many individuals to help cover the difference between your camper fees and our actual costs of providing an outstanding camping experience.  Financial aid is offered to families with financial needs as part of our outreach program to offer camping to all youth with T1D.  If you would like, you can review our financial information here at Pennsylvania's Charitable Registration Site.  Simply search by Setebaid Services.

Aside from Setebaid Services financial assistance, there are ways you and your child can help to cover the cost of camp. See the suggestions below.


  1.  Look to your local civic or service organizations - your church, clubs like Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, Masons, Knights of Columbus, V. F.W. or American Legion Posts.  Making direct contact with these folks is a must. Talk to family and friends.  Ask if they know someone or an organization that may offer possible financial aid or funding opportunities.
  2.  Then, getting prepared to present your story including information on T1D and your situation, along with why your child will benefit from this camping experience will increase your chances for success.  It will be best to do this in person, perhaps with your child.  Bring information on Camp Setebaid, photos, and our Facebook page from your electronic device.  While face-to-face is not always possible on the first contact, you may have to rely on presenting your request in a letter.  Here is a sample letter.

Talking Points for a Presentation or Request:

  • Setebaid Services, Inc. is accredited by the American Camp Association.
  • Setebaid provides a highly professional medical staff, dietary staff, trained counselors, and administration to assure the health and safety of all campers. Each cabin is assigned a doctor, and each cabin that houses children under 13 has one counselor for every three children, and each cabin that houses children over 13 has a counselor for every 5 teens.
  • All diabetes medical supplies are provided while the child is at camp.
  • Our camps provide campers with positive strategies to cope, manage, and adjust as they live with diabetes while giving them healthy choices. Setebaid trains campers how to maintain good glycemic control while showing new techniques and diabetes management equipment.
  • Setebaid provides a fun, friendly camper environment to grow and increase their circle of friends and build relationship skills.
  • Setebaid provides families of campers supportive services and respite opportunity while their child is at camp.
  • Parents and family will note the positive changes made by the camper when returning home.  It is something money alone cannot buy.  An experience of a lifetime!
  • Setebaid Services also offers other opportunities for get-togethers, education opportunities, and fun throughout the year.
  • Camp fees are $1,350. Any support this organization can provide will help to defray those costs.

3.  Follow up and keep in contact with these organizations.  Ask your family and friends to support your request with their endorsement.  Be persistent!

4.  Another possibility is to ask family and friends at birthday and holiday time for monetary gifts to put toward camp fees.


You can consider a fundraising activity.  Ask your friends, classmates and family to help you conduct a yard sale, car wash, bake sale, or offer your services to mow a lawn, baby sit or other creative ideas you may develop.

Please remember to send "Thank You" notes to all who help you.  At the conclusion of camp, a letter to your supporters with some highlights of camp will be appreciated and do not forget to let others know via social media.

Remember, every camper receives support from Setebaid Services; the Setebaid Camp Experience is Priceless!