Message from our Director

Welcome to Setebaid Services!

Setebaid’s flagship summer camp, Camp Setebaid®, was founded in 1978 by a team consisting of a pediatric endocrinologist, a dietitian, and a teacher.

They found by working together—using the pediatric endocrinologist’s knowledge of managing diabetes, the dietitian’s knowledge of what foods would be best for the campers, and the teacher’s ability to teach the knowledge of the other team members to the campers—they could offer the best diabetes education program available. 

In 1998, Setebaid Services was incorporated as the legal entity to operate diabetes summer camps, including Camp Setebaid. Immediately following the incorporation, another camp joined the organization because of the team’s experience and expertise at operating diabetes camps. 

The Harrisburg Diabetic Youth Camp, originally founded in Harrisburg in 1977, joined Setebaid Services. Over the years, many camps have joined or asked Setebaid Services to assist them.

Team Approach Teaching About Diabetes Care

Today, the same team approach is used to teach children and teens about diabetes care. Research conducted by universities has shown the great successes and outcomes of the camps.

But the most important feedback comes from the campers and their families…they tell us we have transformed their lives.

Setebaid’s team has grown, and it’s mission has been expanded to educate summer campers, families and future healthcare practitioners. The faculty at our camps comes to us from the most advanced and prestigious universities and training facilities. 

They work independently with the campers and also train future physicians, nurse practitioners, medical students, nurses, and dietitians. The faculty are the experts who other physicians turn to when they need help. Who could better care for a summer camper’s diabetes needs?

But the diabetes needs are only part of the story. Our entire team is here to work with families and campers.

  • Campers will work with excellent role models caring for their own diabetes.
  • The camp staff learns from the campers as the campers learn from them. 

You see, we all become one large family at summer camp, enjoying every day and working together to better our lives while having fun!

I hope you will come join the Setebaid Family.  Let’s work together to turn diabetes around!

Best Wishes!

Mark Moyer, MBA, MHA

Executive Director