Help With Summer Camp Fees

Setebaid Services thanks the many individuals, companies, agencies, civic clubs, and other donors who assist children living with diabetes in our community. 

These benevolent community members have given children with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) the opportunity to understand how to manage their T1D while having fun at one of our week-long summer camps. 

Camperships are awarded on a first-come-first-served-basis.  “First-come” time begins when the complete application is received.  Camperships are NOT guaranteed!  We often deplete the campership fund early in the year; we encourage those in-need to apply early!

There are two programs connected to the Setebaid Campership Fund.

SLIDING-SCALE FEE PROGRAM:  The Sliding-Scale Fee Program is for families who need help with some of their camp fee. This program awards a credit to the camper’s invoice based upon the family’s size and household income.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM:  The Financial Assistance Program is for families living at or below 150 percent of poverty. This program covers the camper’s fees and requires a small application processing fee.

Please contact the camp office to learn more about the campership fund.