Why Donate to Setebaid Services?

The Centers for Disease Control estimates 1 in every 3 citizens in the United States will have diabetes by 2050. 

Research has shown proper management reduces or eliminates complications; because diabetes is a disease that must be self-managed, diabetes education is essential. 

No one should have manage their diabetes alone, and Setebaid summer camps and other programs have been proven to effectively and efficiently train youth to manage their diabetes. 

Setebaid summer camps have also been shown to reduce diabetes-related stress on children and teens living with diabetes as well as their families.

You Can Transform a Child or Teen Living with T1D

You, as all donors, want to make a large difference with your donation. 

Setebaid summer camps and programs are leaders in programs for children and teens living with T1D. Setebaid has assisted and participated in research showing Setebaid summer camps have reduced diabetes-related stress in the campers.

For over 35 years, Setebaid summer camps have been shown to be effective diabetes education programs for the campers. Campers not only learn to care for their diabetes, but also how to plan their meals to eat a healthy balanced diet.

Helping Children and Teens Living with Diabetes and Their Families

Our mission is to help children and teens living with diabetes, and their families.

A famous politician coined the phrase, “It takes a Village…to raise a child….”  We help families to raise their children with T1D by setting up a support system (e.g. “the village”) to help the youth and their families.

We Help Future Generations by Training Healthcare Providers

Setebaid creates impact beyond helping today’s children and families. We recognize as diabetes increases, there will not be enough healthcare providers to serve everyone living with diabetes.

Setebaid programs offer hands-on training programs for future healthcare professionals. 

We have affiliations with many programs and universities to provide their students with hands-on training. Donations to Setebaid summer camps help fund these training programs which benefit everyone in the future.

The official registration and financial information of Setebaid Services® may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999.  Registration does not imply endorsement.

Setebaid Services, Inc. is incorporated as a Pennsylvania nonprofit organization.  Online donations are processed by Network for Good, another nonprofit organization which gives your designated contribution to Setebaid Services.