About Staff

What is a Setebaid® Camp or Program?

Setebaid Services’® programs are diabetes educational programs including summer residential camps for children and teens with diabetes, teen weekends for teens with diabetes, and other programs for people with diabetes.  These programs are very rewarding; you see a change in participants and realize you made a difference in the participant’s life.  The programs are educational and fun!

Why Staff A Setebaid Camp or Program?

Gain Experience Working with a Team of Professionals

Staffing a Setebaid Services’ program gives you valuable experience working with a team of professionals in the community.  Through the unique team building experience, you work with the staff in a professional environment.  Staff includes physicians, nurses, dietitians, healthcare executives, teachers, counselors, psychologists, and community business partners.  Staff also includes many up-and-coming professionals like college students, graduate students, and others who are changing careers.

Learn More About Diabetes and Other Essential Life Skills

Diabetes education is our specialty.  We not only teach the program participants, but the staff learns about diabetes, coping skills, and life skills.  You never know whom you will run into in the community with diabetes, and understanding the condition will help you to understand their needs.  Other skills developed include team-building skills like ropes courses, whitewater rafting, or other activities

Network with Professionals in Your Community

As mentioned earlier, many professionals from the community staff these programs for a one-week period.  By working with them and getting to know them, they develop a knowledge of your abilities.  These professionals can serve as references for college students and those changing careers.  These references are another valuable reference in addition to a college faculty reference; they were a reference from a working environment rather than an educational environment.

Develop Life-long Friendships

Each year we hear of many new lasting friendships from our staff.  The staff works together to solve problems using a team approach.  They develop good working relationships and often develop lasting friendships.  Past staff have gone on vacations together, and even celebrated weddings together!

Have Fun!

While these programs are work, they are also a lot of fun!  We work hard and the programs take a lot out of you, but they are rewarding and we have fun while we’re working!

Camp Staff

Setebaid Services’® camps are made possible by a dedicated team of camp counselors, medical professionals, and volunteers who work together to ensure our camps are a success! Thanks to our talented staff, parents can rest assured knowing while their children are away at camp, they are surrounded by on-site medical teams and our camps are staffed by around-the-clock healthcare professionals. Plus, many of our counselors have diabetes themselves, and they are all knowledgeable of our campers’ special needs.  Children are always in good and experienced hands while attending Setebaid Services' camps!

Please call our office with any questions at 570-524-9090. Thank you.

How Do I Join the Setebaid Staff?

To join Setebaid in making a difference in a child’s or teen’s life, complete the Volunteer Camp Staff Interest Form from this menu (under the Staff Interest Form Tab) or print out a copy (under the Staff Interest Form Tab) and return it to the Setebaid Services Office.  If you need any assistance or have any questions, call us at (570) 524-9090.