Camper Email & Photo Gallery

Camper Bunk Notes and Online Photo Gallery

Your camper doesn’t have to wait several days to receive letters you’ve sent; you don’t have to wait until your camper comes home to see photos of your camper at summer camp! 

In the Online Photo Gallery, you will be able to see pictures and get a glimpse into all of the fun everyone is having at camp! 

And, as we mentioned in the safety section, we’re concerned about the safety of our campers and their families.

You are in Control

This safety concern means YOU, the parent, controls who sees the photo gallery

This improves security because to use the system, the user must receive an invite from YOU!


Bunk Notes

Bunk Notes may be selected as an option for your camper.  For just $15, you will receive 40 credits for the summer camp season.  You will send your camper messages via the Bunk Notes system any time of day.  At 10 AM each day, Bunk Notes received will be sent to the camp.  They will be printed and delivered to your camper during rest-hour or another time when the mail is delivered each day.  (Please note the last day to send Bunk Notes is prior to 10 AM on Friday of the camp week.)  Campers may read the messages received and may respond by handwriting a letter back to you (please place pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelopes and writing paper in your camper's luggage); please remember, because your camper will not be at a computer, he or she will not be able to electronically reply to you.  You can only use this service while your child is at camp.  You can use credits to credit Fun Notes including borders, photos, Sudoku puzzles, etc.  Please note:   each account is based on a log in.  Unused credits expire at the end of camp.


Camp Photo Gallery

The Camp Photo Gallery, with facial recognition, will enable parents to see pictures and get a glimpse into all of the fun everyone is having at camp!  You may upload a profile photo of your camper to enable the facial recognition software to identify your camper in the photo gallery.  To ensure the safety of campers and families, after campers are registered for camp, families will receive a unique invitation code to sign up to access the Camp Photo Gallery.  For a $15* fee, you can browse through the photos and even download as many as you would like.  You can share photos to social media or email a photo to your family.

If you would like high resolution digital photos, you may download them at a small cost.  You may also purchase unique custom photo gifts.  We have volunteer photographers at the camp site daily taking photos all day and throughout the evening activities.  These photos are posted daily; we strive to have them posted by 10 PM each day, but make no promises they will appear by 10 PM.  Please remember the photos can be a great insight into what is generally happening at camp, however a single snapshot should not be used as an assessment tool as to how your camper is doing at camp.  Also, because so many activities are happening at camp at the same time, it is impossible to take photos of all activities. We cannot guarantee your camper will be in the photos uploaded.

Discounts Available for Bundling

You will receive a discount if you bundle both the online Camp Photo Gallery and the Bunk Notes together.  If you purchase both Camp Photo Gallery and Bunk Notes, the total cost will be $25*.

*High resolution prints, photo gifts, and prints not included.

More Information

For more information, you may download the information sheet here.


Please note, these services are provided by an independent contractor, Bunk1.  If you have any questions about this service or need technical support, please contact them at 212-974-9112 or email  Bunk1 provides proceeds to Setebaid Services, Inc.