Email and Photos

Camper One-Way Email and Online Photo Gallery

Your camper doesn’t have to wait several days to receive letters you’ve sent; you don’t have to wait until your camper comes home to see photos of your camper at summer camp! 

In the Online Photo Gallery, you will be able to see pictures and get a glimpse into all of the fun everyone is having at camp! 

And, as we mentioned in the safety section, we’re concerned about the safety of our campers and their families.

You are in Control

This safety concern means YOU, the parent, controls who sees the photo gallery

You invite your friends and family members to send emails to your campers and / or view the Online Photo Gallery!  

This improves security because to use the system, the user must receive an invite from YOU!

To sign up for the photo gallery, please contact our office.

You may request more information by contacting us at 570-524-9090. Once you have selected the service, specific directions will be emailed to you.

How One-Way Email Works

Once you selected this service, you will receive 40 email credits for the season. You will send your camper messages via the system. 

Remember, one of the goals of summer camp is to give your camper a break from technology; because of this, your camper will not be at a computer checking email. 

Your email will be sorted by the one-way email system and will be printed with all other emails your camper receives for the day. The cut-off is 10 AM, meaning anything the email system receives by 10 AM will be included in your camper’s mail for the day. 

During down-time, like rest-hour, the emails, folded like an envelope, will be delivered to your camper. Your camper will read your message; please remember, because your camper will not be at a computer, he or she will not be able to reply to you. This is why it’s called one-way email!

We mentioned you will receive 40 email credits for the season. If your camper attends more than one-week, you may use your credits throughout your camper’s stay with us.

  • You can use them only while your child is at camp.
  • You can even choose to share your email credits with family and friends.  
  • You can always see how many email credits you have remaining so you don’t have to worry about running out of credits unexpectedly.  (Credits will not carry past the end of camp.)

How the Online Photo Gallery Works

You can browse through the photos and even download as many as you would like for free! 

We have a photographer at the camp site daily taking photos all day and throughout the evening activity. 

We post new photos at 10 PM each day; remember, we are in a rural environment and electronic service is slow, so it may take until midnight for photo to appear each day, depending on how many are uploaded.  

You can order prints at a small cost, directly from a link. Please note any purchases of these photos are through a third-party vendor; the camp receives a small commission on any purchased photos.

Please remember the photos can be a great insight into what is generally happening at camp, however, a single snapshot should not be used as an assessment tool as to how your camper is doing at camp.

Inviting Others to See the Online Photo Gallery
or Send Your Camper an Email

You can invite family and friends to send emails to your campers or to view the Online Photo Gallery.  

Invitees don’t need to set up accounts. Instead, they will receive an email with a link they can click on to get into the system.  

Clicking on that link is like logging into an account, so they can keep that email in their inbox to “log in” again in the future.  

The cost for Camper One-Way Email is $15 for 40 email credits; access to the Online Photo Gallery is $15; if you purchase both services at the same time, you may purchase the bundled services for $25.  



If you have any questions about these services, or would like to add this option to your T1D Camping experience, please call Setebaid Services at 570-524-9090. 

If you need technical support on these services during camp, please contact Bunk1 or call technical support at 212-974-9112.