Help Camp Setebaid offer virtual support to campers

Julie was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago and never met anyone else her age living with diabetes until she attended camp for the first time last year.Her mother said diabetes camp made her smile like she did before she was diagnosed with diabetes.She was so looking forward to her week at Camp Setebaid this summer.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, and not only did Julie miss her social time at school, she missed her friends from her basketball team.She said to her mother, I may have missed the rest of the school year, but I’m going to Camp Setebaid in July.

When Julie’s mother learned Camp Setebaid had to be closed, she waited for several days trying to find the right time to tell Julie.When the time came, she shared Camp Setebaid would be closed and Julie cried for two-solid-hours knowing she would not see her diabetes camp friends.

You can help Julie by clicking here to provide a virtual diabetes camp experience where she will see her diabetes camp friends and her favorite Counselors as they compete with other cabin groups for the Color Wars Championship.

Thank you for supporting children living with diabetes.