Setebaid Campetition


It's a game that you play BEFORE you get to camp. The goal is simple, just collect the most points! The highest scoring three campers of each camp will be awarded the prestigious VIC (Very Important Camper) status.

What's this VIC (Very Important Camper) all about?

As stated above, this is a prestigious award. In addition to the normal camper nametag, campers with the most points will get a personalized VIC photo ID badge they can take home as a souvenir. PLUS, this badge will secure the winning campers exclusive admission and awards at the gala party area poolside Thursday afternoon. 

The VIC winners will be announced Tuesday afternoon. You don't want to miss out on this! In addition, all the points you earn will also count towards the Color Wars team event. We all know how points matter in Color Wars!

Why is Campetition So Important?

Beyond helping your team in Color Wars or becoming a VICCampetition helps support Type 1 Diabetes camp now and into the future. The support of yourself, your family, and your friends is monumental in continuing camp programming for children and teens with Type 1 Diabetes. Thank you.

Campers, you better get started! Check out the Game Rules, start your team, and begin collecting points by clicking here.