2021 Setebaid Services' Summer Diabetes Camp is Open!

Setebaid Services will open Camp Setebaid at Swatara for campers who are fully vaccinated by June 30, 2021.  To be fully vaccinated, the campers must have received both doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination on or prior to June 30, 2021.  For more information, please visit here.

For those who will not be vaccinated in time for camp this summer, or for those who are not ready to attend a full-week of camp in 2021, Setebaid Services will also offer Setebaid Family Day on July 31, 2021.  Setebaid Family Day will be for families who have a child or teen living with diabetes.  The day will allow families to gather and share experiences of living with diabetes.  The Family Day will be held at an outdoor pavilion and seating is limited.  Pre-registration is required for this event before July 14 at 9 AM.  For more information, please visit here.